“A busy week”

We started off the week fly fishing on Skye with Mr king from the U.S. conditions were OK and the trout came on but 4 or 5 were missed. Tuesday saw the arrival of the McLaurin family also from the U.S. we went on a wild walk and saw a white tailed eagle, golden eagle, hen harrier and peregrine falcon in about 30 mins of being out! Later on we stalked a roe deer on the moor. Trout fishing again on Wednesday with Michael from
Singapore and we had 3 trout and missed a few more. Thursday was more fishing with Mahmoud and Johnathan from England in the morn and George from the U.S in the afternoon an other 4 trout were added to the catch book. Friday I was out with the RSPB on a sea eagle information day and Saturday saw me out with the Wood’s from England in the morning and Gavin and Christina from California in the afternoon and 5 more wild Skye brown trout in the book. A great week!!


A strange weather week!

The weather this week was a bit of a mixed bag with high winds warm temps and rain. But not enough to fill the rivers for salmon fishing on Skye. The biggest party out this week was Daniel Aprili and friends from Switzerland. The 5 of us headed up to Storr lochs on Skye for trout fishing, but the weather was against us and we missed a few fish on the stormy water. The weather broke late in the week just in time for a nice walk with the Newman family from Singapore. We headed off for a wild walk toward coral beach to see the Common seals. We spent a great few hours observing these curious creatures. A lovely afternoon.